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"C. Suite revised my resume with an overview section, skills section, leadership section, and updated my experience section. I was blown away by the changes and quick turnaround.

After updating my LinkedIn profile with the suggested copy along with sending out my new resume, I have received multiple interview offers from companies that have typically not responded back. I was also given a salary raise after using some of the tools my consultant suggested. I am extremely thankful for C. Suite."


Lead Public Relations Manager

"My experience with C.Suite was beyond my expectations. Not only did my career consultant revamp my resume but she also guided me through blind networking.

I was going through a tough time at my job and she allowed me to vent my career frustrations and gave me exactly what I needed in terms of service.

Now I'm at a new job that I love and it is all because of C.Suite."


Community and Influencer Manager

"I reached out to C. Suite when I wanted to elevate my career from Associate to Manager level.

Within 48 hours, my career consultant optimized my resume in ways I had never thought to do. She even shared invaluable interview best practices!

I also purchased the "Sage MyName" blazer and trousers to wear during the final interview round. After several rounds of interviews, I got the job and doubled my salary!"


Partner Marketing Manager

"I came across C. Suite through a viral tweet. I had just left one job to pursue more and I thought "why not give it a shot? I quickly gained a sense of trust in C. Suite. My career consultant was pleasant and her customer service was impeccable. She was timely and my materials were quality and fitting to my needs.

I can't wait to share about C. Suite to my network and work together again! It was a pleasure. Not to mention I have been having a great return on this investment. The offers just keep coming!"


Digital Media Specialist

"I was able to confidently apply for positions I, in the past, felt I wouldn’t get. Truthfully I knew I was qualified but I didn’t feel confident in recruiters’ ability/ willingness to draw the connections between my experiences and the open role.

C. Suite helped me describe my experiences in a way that would make the connections clear."


Community Manager

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